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Our Competitive Advantage

What are our competitive advantages?

Unique, defensible intellectual property

As part of our acquisition of Mineral Royalties Online (“MRO”), Vox acquired a proprietary database of over 8,500 royalties globally which was compiled over the course of ~10 years. With the acquisition, we built defensible intellectual property into our business which yields wider transactional opportunities, many of which are truly unique and proprietary in nature.

Strong weighting to precious metals royalties

Precious metals royalties make up >70% of our portfolio weighting by NAV. Our precious metals exposure includes gold, silver, and platinum groups metals.

One of the fastest growing royalty companies in the space

Since the beginning of 2020, Vox has announced over 25 separate transactions to acquire over 60 royalties.

Exceptionally strong M&A pipeline

Our advanced pipeline includes existing royalties over Tier 1 and Tier 2 assets globally, and we are actively evaluating more than ~$500m of potential royalty deals, enabled by our proprietary royalty database of over 8,500 royalties.

Track record of investing in royalties with significant growth or expansion catalysts

Our team has a track record of acquiring royalties which later go on to achieve significant resource or production increases post-acquisition.

Built in diversification

In addition to our precious metals’ royalties, the Company has underlying exposure to a more diverse array of commodities, including base, battery, and certain bulk commodities.

All this in addition to the advantages of operating under a royalty and streaming business model. Click here to find out more about why the royalty business model is so inherently attractive. 

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